How to eliminate bad breath

The ultimate guide to eliminating bad breath with common oral hygiene products.

Do what you love... without the bad breath.

  • YES, you can drink coffee.
  • YES, you can drink alcohol.
  • YES, you can eat onions.
  • YES, you can eat garlic.
  • YES, you can eat fish.
  • YES, you'll save money.
  • YES, you deserve amazing breath.
  • YES, you can get rid of your bad breath TODAY.

Risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee!


  The Halitosis Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What's different about this bad breath system?

The Halitosis Plan is not a product. The Halitosis Plan teaches you how to eliminate bad breath with the common oral hygiene products you may already own.

Dr. Jurcak does recommend specific oral hygiene products, all of which are accepted by the American Dental Association and proven to be safe & effective.

+ How long is this class?

15 minutes. This class is comprised of a quick questionnaire and an 8-page PDF download. It provides a customized, easy-to-follow, master oral hygiene routine for your specific mouth type as well as a detailed description of your mouth and bad breath.

+ Can you guarantee I'll get rid of my bad breath?

No company can. Although most halitosis is preventable, 10% of bad breath is related to a medical condition that cannot be cured without physician intervention. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked, if you are not completely satisfied.

+ What if I have questions about the information?

Ask Dr. Jurcak! Once enrolled, you'll have access to the forum to ask Dr. Jurcak questions and get additional support from others. Keep in mind that although Dr. Jurcak can explain science and lifestyle issues that contribute to halitosis, he cannot diagnose specific conditions via the internet.

Why learn with Smile Anatomy?

1. Honesty. We push healthy prevention, not expensive treatment.

2. Accuracy. We use science supported by the American Dental Association®.

3. Customization. We cater our lessons to specific people with specific problems!

4. Time. You don't see the Dentist for more than a few minutes. You have our course forever.

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