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Customized routines:

Each routine immediately eliminates bad breath while improving your oral health.

  1. The (Cavity-Prone) Halitosis Plan
  2. The (Gingivitis-Prone) Halitosis Plan
  3. The (Cavity- and Gingivitis-Prone) Halitosis Plan
  4. The Halitosis Plan

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All plans include:

  1. Customized morning routine
  2. Customized evening routine
  3. Brushing Tips
  4. Breakfast Tips
  5. Coffee Tips
  6. Snacking Tips
  7. Dinner Tips
  8. Alcohol Tips
  9. A note on tonsils
  10. A note on electric toothbrushes
  11. A note on tongue scrapers
  12. Details on cavities
  13. Details on gingivitis
  14. Your dentist's role
  15. Your role

Why are there multiple routines?

Everyone is different! We all have different diets & lifestyles, different types & amounts of oral bacteria, different composition & amounts of saliva, and different sized & shaped teeth. 

Therefore, everyone needs to use different oral health care products in a different order at different times of the day.

Many toothpastes & mouthrinses can make your breath smell even worse if not used in a specific manner and order.

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